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Here at Cupcake Me! our customers matter most! Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have about our product or an order. Our friendly customer service members are here to help. 


Want to sell our delicious desserts at your business, or to your guest please call or email us at: 

(P) 347-404-4470


We offer competitive pricing based on your business needs!

Thank you for your interest!


Please be aware that your privacy and safety are of our concern always!

The measures we take to insure your information is protected is being back by our Website Host company WIX and our POS SYSTEM SQUARE AND STRIPE. Also to ensure safety we don't allow our customers to save cards, any and all cards used via our website or invoices ask for matching important information before processing any and all payments.

We value your business and your privacy and safety always. - CUPCAKE ME!


- Credit / Debit Cards

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