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SHIPPING: ORDERS received between Wednesday 12:00AM EST and Sunday 3:00PM EST. ALL orders ship the following Monday and Tuesday. Please allow 2-4 day shipping time. Order Tracking Numbers will be emailed when items have shipped. We ship via USPS Priority Flat Rate Shipping.


CUSTOM/VENDOR DELIVERY: We deliver for vendor/wholesale orders, and custom event orders priced at $200.00 or more. 

We thank you for your interest!


At Cupcake Me! we are a retail pick-up bakery. So of course we offer Wednesday through Saturday pick-up options for, email or website ordering.

Website Ordering Pick-Up: Each item sold on our website will have options to either write (type) or select the date and time of your pick-up for your items. You will receive a confirmation email if date and time selected can be honored or any changes needed to be made. *In the event we can not come to an agreement on a pick-up date and time you will be completely refunded as long as changes are made in 24 hrs of you ordering via our website. Otherwise only 50% will be refunded.*

Email Pick-Up: When ordering for pick-up by phone, you should have items you want already planned. We will then ask for your full name, phone number and email as well as date and time of pick-up. We will then send an invoice, once invoice is paid in full or (deposit of 50% *Custom Orders ONLY*) will your order then be confirmed.

We thank you for your interest!

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