Frequently asked questions

Can I drive the SCIU ASPEN with a chain guide?

Yes, the Aspen frame has an ISCG-05 chain guide mount. Almost all chain guides available on the market for the ISCG-05 standard should fit.

Can I set up the SCIU ASPEN as a mullet?

Definitely!!! We designed the Aspen so that a mullet conversion turns your Aspen Enduro Race bike into a full-throttle park bike. That is wanted and wanted! Check the geometry data on the Aspen page.

Can I use a double bridge fork?

No. The Aspen's head tube is designed for use with a single crown fork. The sides of the upper and lower tubes have not been reinforced for the use of a double bridge fork or we have not attached any protective devices. In the event of a fall with a double bridge fork, serious damage to the frame can result from the stanchions. Our guarantee does not cover this! Crash replacement would take effect in the event of damage.

Which tax rate is installed in the bike?

The bike uses a partially integrated tapered headset. Above 44mm and below 56mm. SCIU Tapered SHIS ZS44 / 28.6 - ZS56 / 40.

The SCIU ASPEN is offered with an air damper. Can I install and use a steel spring damper?

The Aspen is 100% designed for air dampers. A steel spring damper does not fit into the frame. We opted for the progression, the weight advantage and the range. You cannot install a steel spring damper!

What brake standard is on the frame?

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For which fork installation length and suspension travel is the SCIU ASPEN built?

180mm are no problem! But you get the best geometry and performance with a 160-170mm fork! We deliver the ASPEN complete bike with 170mm.

Which seat post diameter is installed?

31.6 mm

Where can I find further technical information about my bike?

You can find technical information on our SCIU website for the model itself or in the warranty and service area.