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  • How do I place an order?
    There are 3 ways to do this: - Order through the online site - Order through my email : - Order by phone: 347-404-4470 * Do note that all orders have to be placed at least two (2) - seven (7) days before pick-up! Depending upon the order. * Example some cupcake and bakery style cake orders can be picked up in two days.
  • What is the Cake Jar Club?
    The "Cake Jar Club" is our new monthly subscription. We are very excited to offer it to our customers and members! Starting October 1, 2022. When you become a subscriber to the "Cake Jar Club" on the SECOND MONDAY of each month, you will be shipped one (1) of our new Cake Jar of the month flavor directly to your doorstep. How it works: 1) You join the " Cake Jar Club" 2) We take a monthly automatic payment with the card you leave on file on the 1st of each month of $15 before taxes SHIPPING INCLUDED. 3) We ship your Cake Jar the second Monday of each month. 4) Get our new Cake Jar flavor of the month directly to your doorstep. Key Notes: *This is a Monthly Subscription to your "Cake Jar Club" ONLY. *You can cancel your subscription anytime 5 DAYS prior to the next months payment. (Example: Payment is due November 1, 2022, you have October 2, 2022 through October 26, 2022 to cancel. If this time frame is missed you will be charged and you will receive the following months new Cake Jar flavor.) *Shipping is included in your monthly subscription price. Shipping time frame is 2-4 days. *Due to shipping a perishable item we do not ship to P.O. Boxes. *You cannot skip a month. You can cancel your subscription and rejoin anytime within guidelines of our subscription cancelation policy. *If card on file cannot e process for automatic payment you will be contacted via email to update card information of add a new card. If we do not hear from you via email or card information is not updated by the 5th of the month your subscription to the "Cake Jar Club" will be canceled. *ALLERGY NOTICE: OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE IN A KITCHEN THAT USES EGGS, FLOUR, WHEAT, MILK, AND TRACES OF PEANUTS. IF YOU HAVE ALLERGIES TO ANY OF THESE INGREDIENTS DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THIS SUBSCRIPTION. We are working diligently to become an all dietary inclusive brand.
  • Loyalty Rewards Program
    Stay up to date with our app! Don’t miss out on the FUN!! All of our members have been given a complimentary 15 CAKE POINTS just for being here. Here are some amazing ways to earn more points! The more you earn the more awesome deals and surprises you get!!! *Refer a New Member: They receive 15 Cake Points and you receive 10 Cake Points for every member that signs up and gives your member name! Super Easy Right?!! *Earn Points for Purchases: Earn 15 Cake Points for EVERY PURCHASE YOU MAKE! I know, I know we are sooo generous! *RSVP and Check In to an Event: Earn 5 Cake Points. Rewards: *50 Points: 5% OFF your total order. *100 Points: 10% OFF your total order. *200+ Points: 15% OFF your total order. We know you’re lovingggg this just as much as we are. We want to share the love of cake and reward you for supporting our business! YOU REALLY DESERVE IT! So start earning!
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