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As a youth, I never enjoyed sweets as the average child. However, I was always fascinated by the beauty and art that goes into an edible sweet treat. Whenever I would lose a sports game I would always go home and bake cupcakes. (Like A LOT.) My mom grew to understand that it was a release of stress for me at the time, but would always ask " Britney, who is suppose to eat all of these?" we were a household of four. 

As I continued through life I lost touch with baking. This was due to focusing on my previous careers. My great aunt who passed at 102 years of age, God rest her soul, was the person who made me start thinking about baking again, along with my southern roots. 

With this talent, I'm now the first person in all known generations of my family to own a business. I am also setting the mark and blueprint for my toddler daughter. #MomBoss

So here I am the proud owner of Cupcake Me!. Baking is in my roots, my heart, and my blood as well as my day to day life. Although still not a fan of sweets, I love creating something unique and beautiful for your special occasions. I place my mind, imagination, creativity, and art into every detail of every item I bake. Its my lively hood, something near to my heart, and a value of interest I plan to pass down to my daughter. With each bite your not only tasting something yummy, and great you will also be getting a handcrafted piece of art from my company.

Let me supply the desserts of your next event! I'll have you and your guest continually saying...



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