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Make is easy for your special event! Celebrate with cupcakes, but make it fun, choose a letter, number, along with a theme of design.


Whats Included: Choose Your Option


Option 1: (Recommended for Kids/Adolecent Events)

Custom Theme/Color Scheme/Design


12-Edible Custom Toppers OR 12 Edible Image Toppers

Sprinkle mix to match your event

12- Mini Chocolates

1-Custom Celebration Topper: (Happy Birthday _____)




Option 2: (Recommended for Adult Events.)

Color Scheme ( Up to 3 Colors)


12- Chocoloate Covered Decorated Strawberries

12- Gold Macarons (Flavors: Chocolate, Caramel, Vanilla, Lemon, Raspberry, Pistachio.)

1-Custom Celebration Topper: (Happy Birthday _____)

12- Mini Chocolates OR Fresh Flowers to mtatch your design



*Orders are per dozen (12 Cupcakes).

*Choose up to 2 Cupcake Flavors.

* 1 Week Notice

**NOT Available for Shipping**

Standard Ingriedients: Milk, Flour, Eggs, Butter, Sugar. 

Pull Apart Cupcake Cake

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