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Bake A Business Plan-Recipe

  • 21Days
  • 12Steps


Ready to bake your business? All you need are the right ingredients to get everyone excited about what’s next. Get into the REAL specifics! -What’s your company name? -What is your brand about? -What is your product? -What is your industries typical start up cost? -What is your product cost? -Where to test your product? -Who is your core demographic? -What are your operating expenses? -How to sell your products? -What are your profit margins? -What are your goals? -How much time will you devote to your brand? -What is your growth structure? -What is your timeline to attain your goal? -What type of Business structure do you want? (LLC, SP) -Are you properly licensed (If it applies to your industry.)? This program will discuss the above mentioned and so much more. Each participant should use information as they see fit for their business needs. The questions above and in this program are the core of a business plan along with the do’s and don’t’s of starting a business. Learn from my personal highs and lows. What’s the takeaway? I personally hope through my experiences you learn more, and make educated decisions when it comes to your company. I don’t claim to know it all by any means. But passing on 12 years of corporate and personal business experience can be game changing. Once each step is fully completed you will be snake to see the full next step. Until each step is complying will only see previews. Just sharing, Britney

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