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Hello valued family, friends, customers, and donors,

I hope this letter finds you well. I want to thank you for your continued support of me and my business Cupcake Me! over the last couple of years and I am excited to share some sweet news with you about my journey. Can you believe in June it will be six years since I’ve been growing Cupcake Me! with one simple thought in mind, making millions of people happy with my grandmother’s sweet recipes!  


Last year I was thrilled to get a partnership with Doordash for four of their distribution locations. I am proud to share with you that through Doordash I will be expanding our partnership via their platform DashMart along the East coast.

I am asking you to help me make sweet history and  Back The Dream by helping me reach my fundraising goal of $30,000.00!

Why you should Back The Dream...

Doordash, a billion-dollar company, sees the value of my work ethic, my brand and my grandmother’s recipes! I have now been offered to expand into 6 more locations by May of 2023 and another 5 locations by July 2023. My wildest dreams and blessings are coming true, but I need some help and financial runway to give me a head start. 


I started baking when I was six years old and continued to bake with my mother as I got older as a way to stay connected to my grandmother and the women before her, who’s recipes we used. The women in my family used baked goods as a way to bring income into their home, a source of therapy, to help a neighbor be able to buy shoes for their child and help supply learning materials for schools in the neighborhood. Even though they couldn’t fully establish themselves as a business they still impacted those around them with delicious desserts that helped them reach milestones. Little does my grandmother know she impacted me the most. Though I started the business in 2017, it pushed me to pick up the torch in a bold way. In 2019 I legally formed Cupcake Me!.


You see, Cupcake Me! is more than just amazing cupcakes, cake jars, and cakes. It's my family to your family, it’s a memory, it’s a community, and most importantly a commitment to success and growth. 


Cupcake Me’s growth significantly impacts lifestyle, community, and legacy.


I am asking you to Back the Dream! I am currently raising $30,000.00 to give Cupcake Me! the capital needed for growth! The $30,000.00 would give my company a financial runway to hire additional bakers to help fulfill the demand of the Doordash expansion and secure supplies and ingredients needed. With my new contract with Doordash the business will be able to operate on its own after the first six months, but I need your help to get started.


What the growth of Cupcake Me! means to me and why I love doing what I do so much is the positive change and outlook in my life personally. As well as the fact that growing within Doordash will allow further growth of my business in whole. After six months of securing this expansion, I will then be able to pay for my food cart which will provide cupcakes and cake jars to the Manhattan and Bronx area, hire full time staff, and by January of next year open my full production kitchen which will allow more accounts to bring our cake jars to more consumers. My goal and what I aspire to be with my business is a version of Baked by Melissa but of course with a larger variety of Cake Jars! This opportunity gives my delicious desserts a chance to go nationwide!

Our Sponsor

I have partnered with a nonprofit organization to act as my fiscal sponsor to accept donations on my behalf, your donation will be tax exempt. If you work for a company that matches employees’ donations, you can request a match donation via my fiscal sponsor The Yva Jourdan Foundation.


The Yva Jourdan Foundation and HerSuiteSpot Founder Marsha Guerrier have supported my business with a HerRise MicroGrant and in October 2022 I was a recipient of said grant program. This relationship has blossomed in more ways than one, both Cupcake Me! and The Yva Jourdan Foundation were both created under similar principles the main one of keeping the torch lit for the next generation of growth and continuing to pay it forward.

With Gratitude 


Back the Dream with me so that I can continue to create amazing, and delicious impact and growth. 


Thank you all so much for posting about my business on social media, sending me your referrals, hiring us for catering, and most importantly letting us be a part of your special occasions. Your support means the world to me, and I am forever grateful!

If you are able to contribute, please click on the Paypal link below and choose from optional donation amounts or simply donate what you can by choosing “other” and choose your own amount. Any amount will be greatly appreciated.  

Thank you in advance and let’s make sweet history together!

Stay Sweet,

Cupcake Me!


Britney Moss


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